In my Negotiations class at Melbourne Law School, I have learnt that “Life is a series of negotiations” (Fox 2013). And negotiation is an information game (Malhotra and Bazerman 2007). By active information-seeking, individuals can strive to address asymmetries in knowledge, particularly in areas where they possess limited knowledge. As a result, these individuals tend to outshine others in terms of performance (Malhotra and Bazerman 2007).

Future Lawyer

As Sun Tzu said, “the battle is won before it is ever fought” (Buday 2013:20). By meticulous preparation via strategic planning and self-awareness of strengths and weaknesses, one can cultivate favourable conditions that enhance the likelihood of success prior to the onset of any actual conflict or battle. This principle highlights the significance of strategic thinking and proactive measures in attaining success in both military and non-military endeavours.

Law school environments are known for their competitiveness, and the same is true for Melbourne Law School. The stringent grading curve means that a substantial number of excellent students who have never encountered a B grade in their entire lives may now receive only Cs (Gordon 1990:1686; McClurg 2017:36). After all, As remain scarce and due to a recurring obstacle called math, 85 percent of students do not rank within the top 15 percent (MLS; McClurg 2017:37). It is thus unsurprising that Miller depicts a “law school is war” analogy and a Birmingham educator describes law school as being like the Hunger Games (Miller 2010:130; Jenkin 2019). To thrive in a competitive “game” as such, one must carefully strategise and adopt the appropriate mindset before the exams, classes and even orientation.

Future Lawyer

This Guide aims to offer guidance on navigating and even excelling in law school. It is designed to empower future lawyers by providing resources that enhance their potential and enrich their experience. It provides information on study approaches, exam preparation strategies and a mindset conducive to success in law school. It intends to ensure that incoming law students and aspiring future lawyers develop a deeper understanding of the law school arena more on insight, outsight, foresight and less on hindsight.

A Student's Guide To Law School

Explore study approaches

Discover effective exam prep strategies

Cultivate a mindset conducive to thriving in law school


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